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Ambient Short Stories

Ambient Short Stories will be my 9th LP album, to be released on Möller Records September 9th (2024). Ambient Short Stories is an 11 tracks album, captivating journey through sound and texture, offering listeners a series of sonic narratives and evolving musical landscapes.

The idea for the album came to life when I was improvising and recording melodies, on my most recent studio equippment at the time, a saxophone, not always successfully. I have always been drawn to ambient music for its simple and free-flowing form. I wanted to create something simple and organic but with emotional depth, something melodic but free-spirited, tell stories in sound and paint a sonic landscape for the audience.

COLOUR ARROWS is the opening track. Album art & Paintings used in the video by the Icelandic artist Brynja Harðardóttir Tveiten. Written & Produced by Frosti Jonsson. Synthesizer, piano, saxophone, field recordings and all other instruments by Frosti Jonsson.

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