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Bistro Boy Reviewed

Arnar Eggert Thoroddsen is one of Iceland´s best known music expert and have him look into your work and write a few lines about it is just an honour and something I am very thankful for. Original article is in Icelandic but below is a translated snipped of it.

It is long overdue to write about Frosti Jónsson's career in particular, but he has been continiously involved when it comes to Icelandic electronic music culture for more than a decade.He has released number of albums under his alias name Bistro Boy and he is one of the owners and operators of Möller Records, which has been one of the main electronic music releases in Iceland for the past decade. Frosti recently founded Urð Músík, a company that manages his work in the field of equalization and mixing and all kinds of work he has done in the field of music for other artists - and himself as well. Urð Músík gives t.a.m. released his latest work, Drifting, which will be featured here as well as other.

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