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Distance (Remix)

I´m super happy to share this very special remix, Distance feat. Bragi, which I did for my very good friend Steve Sampling. The original song is from his album Distance which was released on Möller Records January 26th 2012 and now we´re celebrating some 10+ years since the original version of the song was released.

Listen to Distanc Remix on Spotify, Apple Music, YouTube or on your favorite listening app.

Steve Sampling is an Icelandic producer, well known and active on the local music scene before moving to Berlin where he is currently based. He is well known for his soulful, melodic tunes, crossing genres from hiphop to house to breakbeat and dubstep. Wanna hear more? Listen to Steve Sampling Essentials Spotify Playlist - Wanna see more? Watch the original Distance music video on YouTube.

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