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I´m really proud to be part of this awesome projects stretching beyond borders. Mælifell is a collaborative remix album, a transformation of Elif Yalvaç’s 2023 album My Heart Of Noise. Mælifell features artists from various countries including Iceland, Norway, Denmark, Armenia, UK, and Turkey: ILKAMA, Hurtnopain, Nacite, Bananafish, Runar Magnusson, Bistro Boy, Metehan Köktürk and Arus 

Mælifell Album Remix Artists

The album is a product of Elif Yalvaç’s extensive international collaborations with other artists in her search of pushing the boundaries and making the most of magical musical connections that contributed a lot to where she positions herself today.

About the album

UK-based Turkish composer Elif Yalvaç takes her Nordic collaborative album My Heart of Noise to the next stage and releases a collaborative remix version of it with the Icelandic label Möller Records.

Mælifell - Remix album feat. Bistro Boy

As with Elif´s previous release, Mælifell is inspired by the stunning and dramatic Icelandic landscape. This time, there are new explorations in other lands too. The title refers to a volcano in Iceland while carrying the artist’s name in it: Mælifell. Elif Yalvaç has traveled to Iceland multiple times for musical collaborations and landscape explorations and field recordings. As the composer made her first return to Iceland in September 2023 after the pandemic, she performed in the experimental art space Mengi, from her adopted home the UK.

The remix album is part of Elif Yalvaç’s collaborations in Iceland but also beyond. This time, she takes it to her new adopted home, the UK, and to where she came from, Turkey, with a diverse set of electronic music artists joining her in this remix.

Instruments artists use in the album include synthesizers, field recordings, and voice. Each artist picked a track from Elif Yalvaç’s previous collaborative album My Heart of Noise (April 2023) to remix with their own voice and methods in this album. The result is celestial ambient sounds with abrasive energy, remixed with Autechre-like beats and glitches while drawing on the unique diverse approaches of both Maelifell and My Heart of Noise participants. “Mælifell” differs from the previous record with a more accessible approach and beatmaking practıces.

Album Credits

Releases March 1, 2024

CAT: Helga110

Mixed by participants and Elif Yalvaç 

Produced by Elif Yalvaç 

Mastered by Frosti Jonsson at URD MUSIK

Album Photo: Elif Yalvaç 

Album Design: Jason Arber

Special Thanks: Michael Bearpark (Morleytron), Frosti Jonsson, Ríkharður H. Friðriksson, Magnús Bergsson, Nurettin & Günnur & Ayşegül Yalvaç, Ziggy Bearpark

Main Artist: Elif Yalvaç, Kristoffer Lislegaard, Charles Ross, Asalaus, Magnus Bergsson, Daniele Moog Girolamo, Wilma Hulten

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