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Music-visual Interweaving

Versatile music creator Gašper Selko has released a new album Tengsl (Connection) in collaboration with Icelandic music producer Frosti Jonsson. This article was originally published in Kamnican, December 2nd, 2022.

Gašper Selko is one of the renowned trumpet players of the younger generation in our country. After the Conservatory of Music, he also completed the Academy of Music in Ljubljana and was already flirting with various musical genres. He collaborates with many artists, and on music stages he is also recognized under the name X.U.L., when – as he says – he uses music as a language. In his own way, he combines modern classics with elements of minimalism and experimental electronic music and tries to explore new ways of interaction between music and listeners. Gašper is a member of many bands, including Leni Kravac, Good Vibrations, Big Band Bend-It, the Kamnik City Band and the Domžale-Kamnik Symphony Orchestra.

After the debut VOID – the story of one man and the extraordinary album A Guide for Lost Travellers, where he interwoven the melodies with thoughts and emotions, he has now joined forces with the renowned Icelandic music producer Frosti Jonsson and the album tengsl was created. The title is an Icelandic word for connection or to be connected, which also represents the main concept and idea of ​​the album, which is the result of the joint efforts of both authors. The creative process began over a year ago, when their paths randomly crossed. Their passion for contemporary music inspired them to explore the world of classical music connected to electronics in the field of spatial sound. Nine compositions invite the listener to a mystical journey accompanied by a string ensemble, where piano, strings, trumpet and electronics intertwine. Thanks to the repeating minimalistic patterns, the album creates an ethereal, hypnotic atmosphere and thus offers above all a soothing sound experience.

In the Kotlovnica Youth Center, the authors and moderator Jan Kopač presented the album to the audience, who then indulged in the evening concert, with the help of an online connection. Other musicians also participated in the creation of the album Tengsl, available on digital platforms.

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