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My 2021 In Music

This has been a fantastic and creative year in music involving collaborations, full album releases, EPs, singles and remixes. There are still a few remixes done this year to be released, remixes I am very proud of, both for the outcome and the artists involved trusting me for their art. More about that later. And big, big, big shout out and thank you to everyone involved in this year´s projects - singers, instrumentalists, graphic designers, mastering engineers, publishers, label managers, insightful and supportive friends bringing good advice to the table, I am glad we met and I appreciate you! So, here is what happend in music.

Drifting (Album)

The first release of the year was my LP Album "Drifting", released on my moms birthday, March 10th. Drifting is a 11 song album, a journey in sound influenced by electronic music and pop with a hint of classic. Collaborating artists (vocals) on the album were Bjartmar (Ghost), PETE (Shifting), Jay Goldberg (Stop) and einarIndra (Broken Window). Listen to Drifting on Spotify, Apple Music, Deezer, Tidal or Bandcamp.

Bistro Boy has once again proved to be one of the most creative Icelandic electronic projects that can use sounds to remove weight and gravity from reality / Stacja Islandia

PNO (Album)

PNO is a compilation album, "A collection of Piano Compositions and Cinematic Tracks" spanning a decade of work, the oldest track being the opening track on my very first album release "Sólheimar", released in 2012 on Möller Records. Listen on Spotify, Apple Music, Bandcamp, Deezer or Tidal

It is impossible not to be delighted with the piano parts present here. It is also difficult not to shed a single tear with this music. Stacja Islandia

Parallel Series 1 (EP)

Parallel Series 1 is a Double Split EP album featuring Bistro Boy (4 tracks) and Daveeth (4 tracks), released on Glawiio Records (April, 2021). The album reached TWGEEMA top 10 list of best electronic albums of the year, currently ranked 18th. Listen on Spotify, Apple Music, Bandcamp, Deezer or Tidal.

Bistro Boy has the incredible ability to write music not for you, but for your heart and your soul. His tracks here are so touching and so full of joy. Brilliant musician. Great all around album! Favorite track: Dreamland.

Lascaux (Single)

Lascaux is a network of caves ina Fance but also a name of my track released on Móatun 7 label as a double single (MOA082) featuring Bistro Boy and Duv Tales. The track was later released on a Compilation CD, MOA009, currently (December, 2021) ranking 29th on TWGEEMA list of best albums of the year. Listen and download on Bandcamp.

Lokbrá (Remix)

Remixing is always a fun thing to do while learning about other artists and their art in the process. The song Lokbrá is is from the Icelandic Dymbrá debut album "Dymbrá". Listen to Lokbrá Remix.

Dreamland (Remix)

My own remix of the song Dreamland released on Parallel Series 1 is a Double Split EP album featuring Bistro Boy (4 tracks) and Daveeth (4 tracks). The Remixed version was released as bonus track on the EP album version for streaming. Listen on Spotify, Apple Music, Bandcamp, Deezer or Tidal.

Thank you all for listening and sharing my music. If you can/want, following me on Spotify, Bandcamp, Facebook and Instragram is much appreciated! See you next year!


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