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Synthspotting Interview

Bistro Boy ( Frosti Jonsson) found his spiritual home in electronic music after dropping out of classical piano lessons, which liberated him from sticking only to black dots on paper. He´s performed at some of Iceland's best known music festivals and events abroad.

What synths/software are used in your release/work?

“Most of the beats and percussion are done in MASCHINE, run as a plugin in Digital Performer which I use for all sequencing, mixing and eventually mastering. I´m also running some pads and samples within Maschine and I used Machine to sample some old Vinyls turned into samples and sounds used in the track such as the vocal snippeds. I´m also using MachFive software sampler to run some sounds, synths and drm loops as well. And to make everything a little bit more exotic I like to throw some Roland JX-8P sounds in there as well, run through Strymon Live.” Bistro Boy

What is your favourite hardware or software synth and why?

“Digital Performer has served me well and still does and I tend to use it from start to finish. That said, I have to say i´m all for Maschine and everything that it brings to the table. Its flexibility is amazing and yet it's powerful and playful. Maschine has definitely become one of my favorite things in the studio, both stand alone or as a plugin within Digital Performer. And it has become one of the most inspiring tool in the creative process. My old-JX-8P will always be my favorite synth, its been with me for a long time and still brings some amazing vibe to my mixes.”

A list of synths in your studio/release

“Digital Performer 9, NI Maschine, JX-8P, JP-08, Volca Keys, MiniNova, Behringer U-Conrol, Akai LPK25 controller, Strymon TimeLive, TC Electron VoiceLive Touch2, Neumann KH-120 monitors, Motu Ultralite MK3, Motu MicroLite midi interface, Rippen Piano, A&H Xone92, Sennheiser HD600.”

Tell us a little bit about your production technique

“I usually have some concept in mind when I start working on a track, but I allow myself to play with the ideas and experiment which may take my ideas to a whole new directions. I often start doing some beats or some short melodic loops which then may (or may not) evolve into a song. Being a piano player I also like to sit down, push rec and just play and see what happens,re-sample, edit and try make something that sounds promising.”

Tell us a bit about ‘Sunday Coma

Sunday Coma” is a song that resulted in me playing around with beats and samples that eventually turned into a song. This song is all about the vibe, something that happened very organically and on the fly.” Bistro Boy

Bistro Boy releases

Sunday Coma / Colours (7” with Rayspark Industries, 2019) Narti / Smile (7” with Skurken, 2019) Broken (EP, 2019) with Bjartmar Þórðarson Píanó í þokunni (LP, 2018) Walk Away (feat. on Kristalsplatan by Páll Óskar, 2017) Open Doors (single, feat on Möller Records Compilation Album, Helga Vol.6, 2017) Svartir Sandar (LP, 2016) Rivers & Poems (EP, 2015), with Nobuto Suda Lovin´life (single, 2015) feat. Anthony Jackson Dagdraumaregn (Nýdönsk Remix, 2015) Hundslappadrifa (single, feat on Möller Records Compilation Album, Helga Vol.5, 2015) U-Bahn (single, feat on Möller Records Compilation Album, Helga Vol.4, 2014) Frozen Thoughs feat. Gísli Magna (Remix, 2014) Journey (LP, 2013) Sólheimar (EP, 2012) Motional (feat on Möller Records Compilation Album, Helga Vol.2, 2012)

BistroBoy vs Rayspark Industries 'Sunday Coma / Colours' on Móatún 7. Synthspotting Featured Artist #068

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