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Updated: Nov 25, 2022

EINDIR IV is the first single from the forthcoming album “tengsl” which is a collaborative effort between myself and Gasper Selko (X.U.L) and our first full album release. Album tengsl can be described as a classically infused electronica (or vice versa), playing around with strings and trumpets and electronic soundscape. The process of creating tengsl started well over a year ago when our paths, mine and Gasper´s crossed, randomly. We immediately connected, one thing lead to another and the idea of making an album came to life. Tengls is an Icelandic word for connection, being connected - which is the concept behind this album. When paths cross, things happen. And we´re all connected. #tengsl

A little bit about us

Gašper Selko is an instrumentalist and composer. He began his musical career at the music school in Kamnik, Slovenia before continuing his studies at the Academy of Music in Ljubljana, completing his education in the class of prof. Tibor Kereke. His most latest album “A Guide For Lost Traveller” (2021) received well earned attention, with the artist exploring the possibilities of a different perception of music and interaction with listeners.

Bistro Boy is Frosti Jonsson, an Icelandic producer releasing most of his music under the name of Bistro Boy, named “one of the most creative Icelandic electronic projects". His latest album release “Drifting”, a soulful journey in sound influenced by electronic music and pop with a hint of classic was released in 2021.

Album tengsl is written, arranged, produced by Frosti Jonsson & Gašper Selko. EINDIR IV was filmed while strings where being recorded at Studio Adergas, Slovenia. Recording Engineer: Gal Vogrič. Ensemble: Ana Novak (Violin), Abel Modic (Viola), Maša Tomc (Cello).

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