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Reflections Vol.02

Möller Records first release of 2024 has landed and I am happy to be part of it. Embark on a captivating auditory adventure with Reflections Vol.02 a Möller Records compilation album that masterfully fuses the unique talents of two exceptional musical visionaries, Bistro Boy and G-Jákvæður. Bistro Boy, known for his atmospheric soundscapes and evocative melodies, joins forces with G-Jákvæður, a trailblazer in experimental electronic music.  Reflections Vol.02 stands as the second installment in a series that spotlights Möller Records artists, offering an enchanting exploration of sound, and a remarkable musical journey.

About the artists

G-Jákvæður is Geirharður Þorsteinsson also known to some as Octopus Fabulous and Zero-G. After a few years of frustration stemming from a lack of rock n’ roll spirit in the teaching room, he dropped out of music school returning a few years later to the stage rapping, producing hip-hop, punk, metal and various experimental sounds. Later, inspired and influenced by the Icelandic Andartak, Geirharður got lured into the world of hardware electronic music production.

Hailing from the enchanting landscapes of Iceland, Bistro Boy (Frosti Jonsson) is a maestro of ambient-infused soundscapes and downtempo electronica, named “one of the most creative Icelandic electronic projects that can use sounds to remove weight and gravity from reality".

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