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A few years of evolving

My album evolve was released January 20th, 2020. Evolve is a very personal album about changes and vulnerability. This album is a personal story, my own journey of transforming emotions into music in the search of hope, courage and love. The album was well received and was listed on top-100 list of best albums 2020 by TWGEEMA, The World’s Greatest Ever Electronic Music Albums group. Listen on Spotify, Apple Music or download on Bandcamp

Bistro Boy is definitely our boy. He just released a new EP called ‘evolve,’ and boy, has Bistro Boy done just what the title says. The album is a beautiful ambient-fused electro with a lot of soul. He takes us from the wave of sorrow to an electro waltz and leaves us in the sunset dust. It’s a wholesome album from a matured artist.

Album Review by Reykjavik Grapevine

Beautiful and absorbing, impresses with consistency, unreality and clarity of emotion.

Album review by Stacja Islandia

It is not easy to build an expressive and human musical language like that of BistroBoy, even more complex to make it pleasant and fluent. "evolve" is promoted on all fronts. 8/10

Album review by Musica Islandese

Released January 20, 2020

All tracks written & produced by Frosti Jónsson

Mixed by: Frosti Jónsson

Mastered at URD MUSIK

Design by Bistro Boy.

Artwork by Brynja Harðardóttir Tveiten

(c) Möller Records 2020


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