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This week I´m sharing my "Journey", my first full album release, released December 17th, 2013. Journey is an album I´m very fond of for many reasons. It´s my first full album which I had much pleasure working on. And the album was inspired by some of my journeys around different parts of the world. While traveling I recorded a whole bunch of stuff while on the road, made song sketches on my phone and collected sounds and samples which became part of the album story. Listen on Spotify, Apple Music or download Album via Bandcamp

My personal favorite on the album is Images In My Mind, but I have an emotional bond with every single song and each song has associated memories I will always treasure.

Album credits

All tracks written and produced by Frosti Jónsson.

Vocals on Frozen thoughts: Gísli Magna

Guitar on Summer vibes: Börkur Hrafn Birgisson

Vocals on Border crossing: Masai women in Kenya

Mastered by Jóhann Ómarsson.

Cover by Jóhann Ómarsson.

Photography by Frosti Jónsson.

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