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My 2023 in Music

Another year is coming to an end, a year which was both challenging as well as rewarding, it had its ups and its downs. Music is my medicine, my way of trying to make sense of this strange world, process and share how I feel. My music is my emotions and my emotions is my music.

Of all the tracks I worked on and released in 2023, one in particular is worth mentioning. Handan Undralands is a song I hold very close to my heart, written in memory of my father who passed away February 12th, 2023 after a short battle with cancer. The song was featured on EC Underground Compilation Album "The 88 Notes (Series 2)", released March 29th (2023).

I am very excited to share some new music with you in 2024 and put on some live shows which I am super excited about. Thanks everyone for sticking around, listening and sharing my music.

Love / Bistro Boy

Released on Móatún 7 (Only available via Bandcamp)

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