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M​ó​at​ú​n 7 から Tetsu Inoue へ

Updated: Jun 1

I´m thrilled to be part of this Móatún 7 Couble CD Ambient Compilation Album celebrating the works of the Japanese artist Tetsu Inoue (テツ·イノウエ). My contribution is 04:04:04.

Tetsu Inoue (テツ・イノウエ) is a former electronic music producer from Japan. He primarily made various types of ambient music like Ambient techno & Lowercase. He has lived in Japan, San Francisco, and New York, and has collaborated with musicians such as Pete Namlook, Bill Laswell, Andrew Deutsch, Carl Stone, Terre Thaemlitz, Jonah Sharp, Taylor Deupree, and Uwe Schmidt. After the release of his last album Inland in 2007, Inoue completely disappeared from the public eye. Source: Wikipedia

ARTISTS + TRACK LIST: Futuregrapher - Opnun (2) Stefan Kibellus - dreaming under trees (3) Solipsism - In the Time of Two Suns (4) Aastik - Quiet Places Within (5) Takashi Kusano - Silent destruction (6) Absynthie - Memories Of The Future (7) ThorF - Vakir (8) Mint Deluxe - Inouï (9) GB EDGE - Orion Lagoon (10) D York - AFFTI_1.6 (11) Charles Uzzell Edwards - Project Pocono (12) Gallery Six - Ambient Gachi Otaku // Nacht Plank - Autumn Star (2) The Headmaster - Fundamental (3) BistroBoy - 04:04:04 (4) Juan Moreno - Melancolia Matutina (5) Distant Fires Burning - Saudade (6) ENUIT - A New Era (7) Silentwave - Darkness is light (8) Darren McClure - Colour Is Not An Easy Matter (9) - Her Wishing Well (10) Augen - Chromatic Long Avenue (11) Simon Pitchford - Aeriea Verismo (12) Krystian Shek - You Dont Have To Be There To Be Here


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