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Parallel Series 1

Parallel Series 1 was a shared double EP featuring myself and the Icelandic Daveeth, a debut release by Glawiio Records (UK).The album´s Limited Edition CD topped Bandcamp list of best selling IDM albums in its first week of release and eventually sold out.

Bistro Boy has the incredible ability to write music not for you, but for your heart and your soul. His tracks here are so touching and so full of joy. Brilliant musician. Great all around album! Favorite track: Dreamland.

Daveeth is the artist name of Davíð Hólm Júlíusson, known for his innovative approach to music, interesting beats and melodic synth lines, resulting in a diverse range of music, with no set rules or genres.

Listen to Parallel Series 1 on Spotify, Apple Music or download on Bandcamp.

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