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My 2022 in Music

The year 2022 has been an exciting year in music for me with new releases, remixes and collaborations, twists and turns. I have had the pleasure getting to know and work with some amazing people and I am looking forward for a new year in music and new adventures. Big thanks to everyone who took time to listen to my music, share it and all the kind words and the support. Now let's see what happened this year.

A Morning Song of a Cloudspotter

A Morning Song of a Cloudspotter was the first release of the year. The original track feat. Manca Kozlovič on vocals is from Gasper Selko´s album "A Guide for Lost Travellers", a highly recommended piece or art, an amazing journey in music and sound, "...deceptively simple but quite evocative, with a laid-back authority worthy of Miles Davis" to quote one of many album reviews, an album something definitely worth checking out. Released March 23, 2022.

Svartir hundar Video

Svartir hundar (Black dogs) was originally released on the Icelandic mini label Móatún 7, October 1st 2020 but it took me a while to add some visual to the track. Watch Svartir hundar on YouTube.

Órói Remix

Órói Remix was released August 29th. The original track by the Icelandic Ateria is from their album "and_vari" (2021). Ateria is Ása Önnu Ólafsdóttir, Eir Önnu Ólafs and Fönn Fannarsdóttir. Listen to Órói on Spotify.

Sólheimar 10 years anniversary

Sólheimar was my first album release, a six track EP released on Möller Records May 29th, 2012. Described as a balance between delicate electronic pop music, fluid Detroit-inspired techno and strands of downtempo grooves, the album was an outcome of my return to doing music after some hiatus.

In remembrance of Steve Brown

A Psalm For A Friend was a song I wrote in remembrance of DJ Steve Brown. The Florida based Indie label EC Underground released a special Sonic Landscape Compilation Album with proceeds benefiting his family. I was very grateful for being able to contribute and be part of this release in his memory, released on Steve's birthday, July 20th, 2022.

I Came here to dance

Those who know me know how much I love working with other artists, be it on something original or remixes. This year I had the pleasure to work with the Ohio queer artists Tony and Jesse, also known to some as Party Favors. The outcome was this energetic and happy-vibe synth-pop track I came here to dance. So much fun and such an awesome people worth checking out and support.


EINDIR IV was the first single from the the album tengsl. The strings on EINDIR IV were recorded at Studio Adergas, Slovenia. Recording Engineer: Gal Vogrič. Ensemble: Ana Novak (Violin), Abel Modic (Viola), Maša Tomc (Cello).


Album “tengsl” is the outcome of a collaborative effort between myself and Slovenian artist X.U.L (Gašper Selko) and one of the most exciting projects I have worked on. Album tengsl can be described as a classically infused electronica or vise versa where we experimented with with strings, trumpets and electronic soundscape. Listed number 10 on #TWGEEMA list "Album Of The Month" (November) and number #86 as the best releases of the year 2022. You can listen to tengsl on Spotify, Apple Music or download and order Limited Edition CD on Bandcamp. tengsl was release November 25th, 2022.

Thank You for your support - Takk fyrir að hlusta

- Bistro Boy -


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