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In Search of the Sound

Píanó í þokunni (Piano In The Mist, Piano In The Fog) is dreamy tribute to a long lasting relationship with my piano, a musical journey, from the past to, at the time, present. Released in October 1st 2018, this album was in a way a milestone album for me, capturing a dreamy sound and vibe I had been searching for by exploring sounds and samples from the past creating a musical contex of the now and its own. The album cover is also a beauty, an oil painting by north Icelandic artist and great friend Brynja Harðardóttir Tveiten, absolutely stunning and inspirational work of art.

Before starting working on the album I had a very clear consept in mind: the soundscape I wanted to explore, the overall album texture I wanted to create and I wanted to reuse old material (samples) from the past (mostly sampledon my K2000 sampler). As always, things change as you go, new ideas pop up, but I was very true to the core idea manipulating sounds and samples from the past and incorporate it into the whole album picture. If you listen carefully you´ll hear my old out-of-tune piano chopped into phrases and reflections of my sampled vocals.

In an interview with Reykjavik Grapevine I went through the whole album track by track, glad I did, otherwise I might have forgotten some of it. Named after the album itself (or vice versa), the last song of the album is the most dramatic where everything somes to an end: Sampled synths, field recordings, chopped vocals and the beauty of the Cello, played by Eir Önnu Olafsbur.

An epilogue: the closing frame, the fog comes crawling in again, consuming the daylight we’ve enjoyed and adding stillness to everything. It’s time to lay down and get some sleep.


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