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Ten Years Of Sólheimar

Sólheimar was my first album release, a six track EP released on Möller Records May 29th, 2012. Described as a balance between delicate electronic pop music, fluid Detroit-inspired techno and strands of downtempo grooves, the album was an outcome of my return to doing music after some hiatus.

I worked on the album tracks on and off for about a year and a half, navigating through bunch of ideas (getting lost half the time) and collecting sounds and samples at home and while travelling. Lognið eftir storminn (The Stillness After the Storm), the opening track of the album, is played on my 30 something year old Rippen piano at the time and recorded live. Something that just happened while searching for ideas. And the vocals on the last track Afrika is recorded when I visited Uganda and met group of awesome kids.

I wasn´t sure if the album was any good and was probably close to talk myself out of releasing it or doing anything about it. But then I heard about Möller Records from somewhere and got to know Árni Grétar, known to some as Futuregrapher and Jóhann Ómarsson, know to some as Skurken, sent them a copy and asked if this was something they would consider release. They said yes and thanks to them, the album got released and I found my mojo again making music. Sólheimar is an album close to my heart, give it try!

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